Searching for IT Consultancy, including expert guidance on conceptualizing and refining software ideas, to effectively leverage digital solutions, boost productivity, and stay competitive?  
    • Idea Conceptualization and Refinement
    • Requirements Engineering & Analysis
    • Technology Assessment
    • Software Development Planning
    • IT Strategies & Planning
    • IT Solutions
    • Technology Integration
    • Vendor Selection

    Finding a design team that can transform your unique requirements into a well-designed, user-friendly software design prototype that aligns with your specific needs and expectations?  
    • Wireframes
    • User Interface (UI) Design
    • User Experience (UX) Design
    • Design Prototyping
    • Graphic Design

    From concept to design, development, and maintenance, we can help you seamlessly navigate the entire software development lifecycle with expertise, precision, and commitment.  
    • System Design
    • Web Development
    • Mobile Apps Development
    • Custom Software Development
    • Enterprise Software
    • AI and Machine Learning
    • Blockchain Development
    • Quality Assurance and Testing

    Looking to enhance productivity, foster innovation, and stimulate growth by modernizing and optimizing your legacy software infrastructure?

    • Legacy Software Assessment

    • Migration and Modernization

    • Maintenance and Support

    • Data Analytics and Big Data

    • Business Process Reengineering

    • UI/UX Improvement
  • We Help Transform your Ideas into Reality


Barrana is a digital Solutions Provider.
We CONSULT, DESIGN,BUILD and MODERNIZE software applications

We consult, design & build your business for tomorrow’s success, today.
Although things have evolved quickly since we launched nearly two decades ago, but here’s what’s stayed the same: Ambitious businesses succeed by delivering transformative digital experiences to customers.

We’re the partner you can count on for results-driven digital products & platforms.
Barrana helps your business thrive with transformative software development.

You may need our services if you want to:



We are evidently devoted to providing clients with IT consulting and advisory services that enable them to evaluate various technological strategies and integrate them into their core operations and business processes.



We work really hard to create eye-catching and intuitive interface designs that provide users with enjoyable experience.



While working on a project, we not only establish scalable architecture design using the best industry practices but also provide a high level of data security.



Constant updating, modifying, and re-assessing of software is one way to make them user-oriented and up-to-date. Through such a service, we undoubtedly give businesses the technological support they need.

Feature Enhancements

Feature Enhancements:

 Adding new features and functionalities to meet changing user needs.

User Support

User Support

Providing technical support to assist users with any problems or questions.

Post Release Support

Post Release Support

We help to keep projects up-to -date – from technology updates to new functionality implementation.

System Administration

System Administration

Keeping your project up and running 24/7/365 is important. We make this process easy and stress-free for you.

Software Development Consulting

Our expert consultants work with both startups and established enterprises, helping them achieve their software development goals with precision and excellence.

At Barrana, we believe that a well-executed software or mobile app project starts with a clear and precise understanding of your vision. We are your trusted partners, specializing in Software Development consulting, ensuring your ideas take shape with unwavering clarity and purpose.

As a top software development and consulting company we are constantly transforming our visions into seamless software solutions. Take a look at our successful projects.
  • Defence Estate

    DefenseEstate is a user-centric property management platform with detailed property listings, efficient management tools, and mobile optimization. It benefits both clients and administrators, streamlining property management.

    Scope: The project encompasses property listing, management tools, and mobile optimization for convenient access.

    Solution: DefenseEstate's web application serves as a comprehensive and user-friendly platform for property listing and management, benefiting both clients and administrators.

    Tech: PHP, HTML, JavaScript, CSS

    Stages: Requirements Engineering and Analysis, Design, Development, Marketplace & Listing, Custom Web Application

    Duration: 02 Months

    Defence Estate
  • Hotel Items

    Used Hotel Items is a dynamic and comprehensive online marketplace tailored for the buying and selling of a wide range of used hotel items. It offers an intuitive and user-friendly interface that makes browsing, buying, and selling used hotel items a seamless experience. Sellers can easily list their items, complete with detailed descriptions and high-quality images, while buyers can efficiently search for and explore a vast catalog of products. The platform is optimized for mobile devices, ensuring users can access the marketplace conveniently on smartphones and tablets. Key features include secure messaging for buyer-seller communication, user reviews to build trust, and a secure payment system for seamless transactions. In summary, the current web application provides a robust and user-centric marketplace, fostering efficient transactions within the hospitality industry for used hotel items.

    Tech: PHP, JavaScript, HTML, CSS

    Stages: Requirements Engineering and Analysis, Design, Development, Marketplace, Custom Web Application,

    Hotel Items
  • Organic Date

    Organic Date Company is a modern e-commerce platform showcasing and selling a variety of organic date products with high-quality images and detailed descriptions. It offers a user-friendly design, a streamlined shopping experience, and full mobile optimization.

    Scope: The project encompasses a comprehensive product showcase, streamlined e-commerce functionality, and mobile optimization.

    Solution: Organic Date Company's web application provides a visually appealing and user-centric platform for customers to explore, purchase, and enjoy organic date products, enhancing their online shopping experience.

    Tech: Shopify, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Shopify

    Stages: Requirements Engineering and Analysis, Design, Development, E-Commerce, Shopify

    Duration: 02 Months

    Organic Date
  • Paparazzi

    Paparazzi Accessories is a user-centric e-commerce platform that offers affordable fashion jewelry and accessories with a modern design emphasizing accessibility and affordability. It features high-quality images, detailed descriptions, and easy ordering.

    Scope: The project includes a comprehensive product showcase and overhauled e-commerce functionality for a seamless shopping experience.

    Solution: Paparazzi Accessories' web application is fully responsive on mobile devices, ensuring a user-friendly, hassle-free shopping experience that boosts sales and customer satisfaction.

    Tech: Python, PHP, JavaScript, HTML5

    Stage: Requirements Engineering and Analysis, Design, Development, E-Commerce, Custom Web Application Development

    Duration: 4 - 5 Months

  • Perham Prints

    Perham Prints is a modern platform for custom printing and personalized merchandise with a user-friendly design. It offers a state-of-the-art customization tool, mobile optimization, and user accounts for personalized shopping experiences.

    Scope: The project encompasses personalized merchandise customization, user accounts with personalized features, and a simplified ordering process.

    Solution: Perham Prints' web application streamlines the customization and ordering of personalized merchandise, making it a top choice for customers seeking custom products.

    Tech Stack: Shopify, HMTL, CSS, JavaScript

    Stage: Requirements Engineering and Analysis, Design, Development, E-Commerce, Personalized Products, Shopify, CMS

    Duration: 02 Months

    Perham Prints
  • Turbnie Marketplace

    Turbine Marketplace is a cutting-edge platform for the gas turbine industry, with an intuitive interface, streamlined listing for sellers, and enhanced shopping for buyers. It fosters user engagement, is mobile-optimized, and builds trust within the community.

    Scope: The project covers user-friendly navigation, streamlined listing for sellers, robust search functionality, secure messaging, user reviews, and mobile optimization.

    Solution: Turbine Marketplace offers a seamless, trust-building platform, enhancing the user experience for the gas turbine community.

    Tech Stack: PHP, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, BootStrap

    Stage: Requirements Engineering & Analysis, Design, Development, Maintenance, Custom Web Application Development, Marketplace

    Duration: 02 Months

    Turbnie Marketplace
  • Xanalia NFT Art Marketplace

    The XANAlia NFT Marketplace is a cutting-edge platform for trading digital collectibles and unique assets. It offers a user-friendly experience with NFT listings, robust search options, secure payments, and blockchain integration.

    Scope: This project encompasses the development of a user-friendly interface, secure user accounts, blockchain integration, payment systems, and real-time notifications. It ensures transparency and security for NFT trading.

    Solution: The solution includes front-end and back-end development, payment integration, security measures, rigorous testing, and ongoing support. XANAlia NFT Marketplace aims to provide a secure and user-centric environment for NFT enthusiasts.

    Tech Stack: Blockchain, NextJS, AngularJS, NodeJS, Blockchain

    Stage: Requirements Engineering and Analysis, MVP, Custom Web Application Development, Design

    Duration: 10 - 12 Months

    Xanalia NFT  Art Marketplace
  • Lazy Leopards Club

    Lazy Leopards Club is a decentralized platform integrated with MetaMask for secure NFT trading and asset ownership on the Ethereum blockchain.

    Scope: The project includes Decentralized App development for NFT trading, asset creation, and MetaMask integration for secure Ethereum network access.

    Solution: The solution encompasses DApp development, MetaMask integration, and blockchain technology to enable seamless digital asset creation and exchange while maintaining complete ownership control within the NFT community.

    Tech: NodeJS, Web3, Express, Solidity, IPFS, MetaMask

    Stage: Requirements Engineering and Analysis, MVP, Design, Development, Deployment

    Duration: 1 - 2 Months

    Lazy Leopards Club
  • Appointment @ TADM

    Appointment @TADM is a Singapore Government-developed online appointment booking platform for dispute discussions, streamlining scheduling and resource management.

    Scope: The project includes user-friendly appointment scheduling and efficient resource allocation for administrators, covering various appointment types and room bookings.

    Solution: The solution combines a user-centric interface for appointments and a robust backend for resource allocation, simplifying the scheduling process and enhancing accessibility for clients and administrators.

    Stage: Requirements Engineering and Analysis, Design, Prototyping, Development, Deployment, Maintenance

    Duration: 4 - 5 Months

    Appointment @ TADM
  • Funtasia Park

    Funtasia Waterpark's web application harmoniously blends frontend and backend features. The user-centric frontend offers interactive booking, detailed attraction information, and a fully responsive design.

    Scope: The project empowers park administrators with content management, efficient ticket sales, inventory management, analytics, and customer support tools.

    Solution: Funtasia Waterpark's web application provides an all-encompassing solution, offering a seamless experience for visitors and efficient management tools for park administrators.

    Tech: WordPress, PHP, JavaScript

    Stages: Requirements Engineering and Analysis, Design, Development, Custom Web Application

    Duration: 6 - 8 Months

    Funtasia Park
  • Green House

    Greenhouses.com is a top online platform for custom-designed greenhouses. It offers a unique e-commerce experience tailored to horticultural enthusiasts.

    Scope: The project includes diverse greenhouse options and efficient order and inventory management, catering to both hobbyists and professionals.

    Solution: The solution combines custom greenhouses with advanced e-commerce for a user-friendly shopping experience, enhancing convenience for all customers.

    Tech: ASP.NET, JavaScript, HTML, CSS

    Stage: Requirements Engineering and Analysis, Design, Development, Custom Web Application Development

    Duration: 6 - 8 Months

    Green House
  • Used Hotel Items

    UsedHotelItems.com is an intuitive online marketplace for buying and selling pre-owned hotel items in Singapore, offering detailed listings, mobile optimization, secure messaging, user reviews, and secure payments.

    Scope: The project covers user-friendly marketplace development, seller listings, mobile optimization, secure messaging, user reviews, and secure payments.

    Solution: Implemented with PHP, JavaScript, HTML, and CSS, the platform streamlines hospitality industry transactions for pre-owned hotel items in Singapore, enhancing user efficiency.

    Tech: PHP, JavaScript, HTML, CSS

    Stages: Requirements Engineering and Analysis, Design, Development, Marketplace, Custom Web Application

    Duration: 03 Months

    Used Hotel Items
  • Inkkas

    Inkkas.com is a vibrant e-commerce platform offering handmade, eco-friendly footwear and accessories. It features a user-friendly interface, detailed product listings, high-quality images, and secure payment options for easy shopping.

    Scope: The project streamlines order management and inventory tracking, ensuring smooth operations, hassle-free shopping, and efficient order fulfillment.

    Solution: Inkkas.com provides a comprehensive e-commerce solution that empowers customers and administrators alike, enhancing the shopping experience and operational efficiency.

    Tech: Shopify, HTML, CSS, JavaScript

    Stages: Design, Development

    Duration: 3 - 4 Months

  • Hanex Courier

    HANEX Web Application streamlines courier company operations with features like order management, route optimization, and real-time tracking, ensuring efficient deliveries.

    Scope: The project covers order creation, delivery tracking, and back-end functions for admin, customer support, and accounting.


    Solution: HANEX Web Application enhances courier company operations, ensuring efficient resource allocation and a seamless delivery process from start to finish.

    Tech: PHP, HTML, CSS, BootStrap, JavaScript, AJAX

    Stages: Requirements Engineering and Analysis, Design, Development, Deployment, Integration

    Duration: 4 - 5 Months

    Hanex Courier
  • Eminence Organics

    Eminence Organic Skin Care offers a user-centric e-commerce platform with organic skincare products, easy navigation, secure shopping, and personalized profiles.

    Scope: The project includes efficient product and order management for administrators, analytics, secure payments, and content updates.

    Solution: Eminence Organic Skin Care enhances the online shopping experience for customers and enables efficient inventory and order management for administrators.

    Tech: Drupal, PHP, JavaScript, HTML, CSS

    Stage: Requirements Engineering and Analysis, Design, Development

    Duration: 4 - 6 Months

    Eminence Organics
  • OPI Singapore

    UnitedNailSupply.sg, part of OPI Singapore, offers a user-friendly e-commerce site with a vast product range and mobile optimization.

    Scope: The project includes a robust backend for product management and secure transactions, along with a content management system for easy updates.

    Solution: UnitedNailSupply.sg harmoniously combines an appealing frontend with a feature-rich backend, enhancing the shopping experience for customers and providing efficient management for administrators.

    Tech: Wix, HTML, CSS, BootStrap, JavaScript

    Stage: Design, Development, E-commerce

    Duration: 2 - 3 Months

    OPI Singapore
  • Aarons Outdoor

    The e-commerce platform for Aaron's Outdoor Living offers a user-friendly frontend showcasing outdoor products and a mobile-responsive design.

    Scope: The project includes efficient backend tools for product, inventory, and order management. A secure payment system and content management system ensure smooth transactions and updates.

    Solution: The platform enhances the shopping experience for customers and streamlines management for administrators at Aaron's Outdoor Living.

    Tech: WordPress, HTML, CSS, JavaScript

    Stage: Design, Development, WordPress CMS, Ecommerce

    Duration: 02 Months

    Aarons Outdoor
  • Kayaking

    Our custom WordPress website for Kayaking.ie offers detailed information about kayaking services in Ireland with an attractive design and user-friendly navigation.

    Scope:  The project includes efficient content management and booking processes, ensuring adaptability to Kayaking.ie's evolving needs.

    Solution: This WordPress website seamlessly combines an attractive frontend with a flexible backend, delivering an exceptional user experience and efficient administration for Kayaking.ie.

    Tech: WordPress, HTML, CSS, JavaScript

    Stage: Requirements Engineering and Analysis, Design, Development, WordPress, Custom Web Application

    Duration: 02 Months

  • FourStar Singapore

    Our custom e-commerce web app for Four Star Industries combines WordPress and Shopify for a user-friendly shopping experience featuring bedding products.

    Scope: The project empowers administrators with efficient content management, product updates, inventory control, and order processing.

    Solution: This integration optimizes the e-commerce experience for customers and provides effective management for Four Star Industries, combining WordPress and Shopify strengths for an enhanced user experience.

    Tech: WordPress, Shopify, HTML, CSS, BootStrap, JavaScript

    Stage: Requirements Engineering and Analysis, Design, Development, WordPress, Shopify

    Duration: 4 - 5 Months

    FourStar Singapore
  • Restaurant POS

    Our Restaurant Management Solution integrates POS, apps for kitchen and waitstaff, payment gateways, and backend tools. It streamlines order processing, kitchen operations, and payment processing, enhancing the customer experience.

    Scope: The project efficiently manages inventory, orders, staff, and financial transactions, serving as the backbone of a restaurant for smooth operations and an elevated dining experience.

    Solution: Ensuring smooth and efficient operations of restaurant while enhancing the overall dining experience for customers.

    Tech: PHP, C#, Java, Swift, HTML, CSS, BootStrap, JavaScirpt

    Stage: Requirements Engineering & Analysis, Design, Development

    Duration: 4 - 5 Months

    Restaurant POS

Why Choose Barrana?

Why CHoose Us

Barrana is a committed team of experts working with clients to develop cutting-edge software solutions that support the rapid growth of their businesses.

Our staff consists of full-time engineers with years of experience helping customers with the consultation, selection, design, implementation, and continuing technology maintenance processes. Since our business was established, a wide range of clients have been working with us, forging strong, long-term, and solid partnerships. Additionally, we strive to provide exceptional service, ensuring our clients’ technology needs are met comprehensively.

Our custom software solutions have been meticulously designed to meet the needs of your business. Moreover, we understand that every company has a distinct business model, and consequently, requires a customized strategy to succeed. At Barrana, we excel in assisting in the design, development, implementation, and maintenance of precise solutions that not only improve efficiency but also boost revenue, providing you with a competitive edge.

We have meticulously perfected our methods for project needs identification and troubleshooting. Furthermore, we highly value critical thinking and teamwork to successfully satisfy the most demanding standards in the industry for creating, testing, and delivering high-quality, customized software. This strategic approach distinctly differentiates us from the competition, and our clients unequivocally value it.

Executing the job well is vital. Moreover, we take pride in developing non-overly-engineered custom software solutions. Specifically, we create scalable, straightforward, and simple enterprise solutions that other developers can easily maintain.

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People Behind Barrana

Meet our team of experts who have been serving Barrana for many years.

Ikram Rana


Darren Bartsch

Faran Arshad

Client Feedback

Our Clients Give Best Testimonials

At Barrana, our commitment to providing top-notch software development services is not just a promise rather it’s a reality that our clients enthusiastically attest to. In fact, our clients are our biggest advocates, and their testimonials speak volumes about the quality of our work.

D Wakefield Clients

I have known Darren from Barrana for a while and it's always a pleasure. He has extensive knowledge in his field and shares it freely. Ikram is reliable and honest and an all around great person to work with.

Heather Abbot Clients

I've known Darren Bartsch from Barrana a short time but found him extremely approacable and took the time to explain to me (the most technically challenged person) the versatility of his business. On a personal note, I found Darren someone who knows his stuff, always helpful and very approachable. I couldn't recommend him highly enough, you won't be disappointed.

Sonya Richards Clients

Darren is a true professional in his field. If you need a reliable technical service to grow your business rapidly, while maximizing automation & minimizing labor then give Darren a call.

Glenn Goodman Clients

Darren is a very approachable businessman. Ikram is well regarded within the business community of the Gold Coast and beyond. I have sought Darren and his team's help with CRM setup and integration amongst other advice from time to time. I have referred Darren to some of my clients to which Darren and his team have helped that business integrate online ecommerce systems. I have received nothing but praise from my clients (towards Barrana) and I have no hesitation in recommending Darren and his team, Barrana to anyone.

Bo Burns Clients

Darren has been super helpful, and has given me some great tips, and tools to manage things myself. I'm very impressed so far, and look forward to a great working relationship with Darren and his team.

Joe William Clients

I have worked with Ikram for over 5 years. I was reluctant to work with someone on a technology project overseas but Ikram won my trust by starting small and delivering as promised time and again, exceeding my expectations. Ikram has excellent communication skills, pays attention to details and follows through and best of all owns up if a mistake a made.

Timothy Baker Clients

It's rare to meet someone who will truly go out of their way to follow through on their responsibilities, but Ikram is one of the few who will. I've worked with Ikram for a number of years, and continued to be impressed by his professionalism and dedication to ensuring each project he works on is completed on time and above client expectations.

Tony Bentall Clients

Darren is the consummate professional. Over the 10 odd years I have known him, he has always proven to be extremely knowledgeable in his field of expertise and willing to help anyone wherever he can without expecting anything in return. I have never heard a negative word said of either his character or his work and would highly recommend him and his company. I am a big believer in building a strong network and mine is greatly enhanced by having Darren in it and look forward to working with him for many years in to the future.

Gayle McKew Clients

I've had the pleasure of knowing Darren for a number of years and in a range of positions. He's always professional, knowledgeable and extremely willing to deliver results in custom software development, CRMS and consulting to bring ideas into reality. I'm excited by his new CRM offering, it has potential to save my team many hours each week.

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