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We have designed and created more than 200 web products, including corporate websites, real estate, markets, and booking systems.

We have designed and created more than 200 web products, including corporate websites, real estate, markets, and booking systems.

We employ React and Angular for the frontend and Django and Laravel for the backend while providing bespoke web development services. Listed below are a few causes for that:

They offer a variety of development resources, allowing you to realize any of your software ideas.

They have substantial development communities and a ton of pre-built code parts that facilitate rapid development.

They offer technologies that can be used to prevent numerous typical security blunders.

How can we provide services for custom web development?


Requirements Gathering

The project manager begins by learning about your needs, business objectives, and expectations.


UI/UX design should be made based on analytics results.

The requirements analysis helps us decide whether to start with the desktop or mobile versions. We specify product attributes with the aid of the analysis. A UI Kit and visuals are then produced by UI/UX designers so that the design can be scaled up.


Establish sprints of 2-3 weeks

We only brief iterations when providing custom web development services. The customers receive observable outcomes at the conclusion of each of them, such as a website update on the development server or an app interface that is ready for testing.


Develop scalable architecture, and provide concise code

We create fundamental functionality like registration, authorization, and profile. Following that, to maintain the product’s quality, we write code, build the front and back ends, run tests, and conduct reviews.


Put the program into production

Our engineers build various environments in which the final product can be used. Typically, we create three environments: a development environment for developers, a staging environment for clients, and a test environment.


Perform maintenance after launch

We promise that all bugs are fixed and the program is stable. After the project is complete, Barrana engineers are prepared to continue working on your website or application: They create new features and modify it in response to customer feedback.

Cost and Time

The maximum price and deadline might vary depending on how complex the software is.

Custom web app development

3—4 weeks


Custom marketplace development

3—4 weeks


Landing page

1—3 weeks


Corporate website development

2–4 weeks


Web interface design

3–4 weeks



How many people are there on the development team?

Four people are usually enough to provide custom web development services. The team consists of one backend and one frontend developer, a designer, and a project manager who also performs as an analyst. The team members are selected so that we can both always stay in touch with our customers and quickly adjust if project requirements change.

How much does it cost to develop an eCommerce platform with you?

Online marketplaces usually connect three types of users: customers, retailers, and administrators. As a part of our custom web development services, we can develop interfaces for all three types. In this case, we would ask about $25,000–$30,000 for a marketplace. We count the price of each project individually, so contact our analyst to receive a price estimate for your project.

How do you make your workflow transparent for the customers while delivering custom web development services?

Each project team in our company has a project manager who is responsible for creating weekly reports, answering questions, and addressing all your worries. The reports sent by our project manager usually reflect work progress and achievements during the period, the number of hours spent, and a plan for the following week.

Can you both design and develop a digital product?

Sure! Our team provides full-cycle custom web development services. It means we build the UI/UX of your product, develop it and provide maintenance after the release.

How much do you ask for your custom web development services?

The total price of web software usually depends on its complexity, business goal, and the content used in it. On average, the UI/UX design costs $5,000–10,000, while web app MVP usually costs about $30,000–50,000. At the same time, the price of the landing page is about $2,000–4,000, and corporate website development costs $5,000–8,000. The price of each digital product is usually counted individually, so don’t hesitate to contact us to get an estimate.

What is your experience with eCommerce app development?

Just last year, we delivered our custom web development services for two eCommerce projects.

One of the projects is a marketplace where users can sell and buy both physical items and info products. We made up a unique user flow for purchasing each type of product and gave retailers an opportunity to create and delete their own filters. As a result, our client got a platform for selling different kinds of products with an advanced filter system.

Another project was a farmer marketplace designed for the Swedish market. With its help, users can connect with local farmers and food producers and buy products from them.

Do you sign an NDA?

Before executing custom web development services, we sign an NDA. Our manager provides you with an NDA template, or we sign the version you provide us with. With this procedure, we ensure that no one will steal your idea or disclose sensitive data.

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