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AI marketing solutions for your software

We can integrate AI into your mobile or web app to raise customer engagement.

Following your present marketing objectives, our team of professionals can install AI marketing solutions after evaluating your promotion plan.

We analyze AI to:

How do we install AI marketing integrations?


Business evaluation

The first step in the process is to analyze your needs, present marketing objectives, and available channels. We will comprehend the project’s scope at this stage and establish the project’s history. The customer finally receives an estimate of the cost and timing.



Typically, our team works in 2- to 3-week sprints. We finish a set amount of work during this period and offer customers the chance to test the prototype, demo app version, or web app on a development server.



Using REST API, our developers integrate AI functionality into your software’s backend. The customer receives a software that is ready for sale at the end.



Our team is more than capable of improving the application however you want. We’ll upgrade the code and resolve any issues to ensure exceptional results.

How can your business benefit from an AI marketing solution?


Medical apps integrating chatbots with NLP technology have the potential to be advantageous. The burden on healthcare staff can be lightened with the aid of these chatbots, aiding in the handling of inquiries and providing patients with customized suggestions because of their medical history. Furthermore, AI-driven solutions have the ability to monitor EHRs, manage documentation, and make accurate diagnoses.


AI-powered marketing may bring great benefits to FinTech companies. With this technology, proprietors of FinTech software have the ability to enhance consumer experience through automation. On top of that, if companies provide consumers with data-driven projections of asset value, retention rates may increase.

Real estate

Property purchase and exchange, commonly known as real estate, can be a lucrative investment. Whether you're looking for a new home or location for your business, the market is diverse and plentiful. It's important to weigh the pros and cons of each property and to make sure it aligns with your long-term goals. By utilizing AI marketing tools for rental properties, real estate website owners can effectively obtain and scrutinize public information, build promotional schemes, mechanize email drafting, and assess potential customers. The implementation of these tools alleviates the manual work that realtors were previously obligated to execute and assists in automating their marketing methods.


Using state-of-the-art AI technology, people can now make personalized travel, lodging, and transportation plans through chatbots without any human intervention. By inputting their information into the system, AI is able to find the most affordable rates for them. This means that companies can provide their customers with customized services without committing to hiring an entire customer service team and effectively helping reduce costs while maintaining a high level of service quality.


With the rise of eCommerce, artificial intelligence tools are increasingly being utilized to analyze purchase behavior and customer inquiries. This information helps to inform a more tailored selection of products to customers, ultimately leading to increased sales.


What is an AI marketing integration?

AI marketing integrations are technologies that can be incorporated into digital marketing strategies. They leverage machine learning algorithms to analyze the data of your clients, predict consumer behavior, and personalize marketing campaigns. With the help of AI, entrepreneurs can run in-depth research on their target audience and find patterns invisible to human eyes.

What are the team structure and the roles of each team member who will work on my project?

The web development team usually consists of 4 members: a project manager, a UI/UX designer, a frontend developer, and a backend developer. The mobile development team usually consists of a project manager, a UI/UX designer, a mobile developer, and a backend developer.<br />If the MVP development services need to be received super urgently, we can form several teams who work in parallel to deliver the products within the required timeframe.

How do you ensure the security and privacy of sensitive data?

We provide our clients with the option to sign our NDA template or we can sign their NDA document to ensure that their idea remains confidential and no sensitive information is disclosed or stolen.

What is your communication process while delivering MVP development services?

Each project team has a project manager who serves as a contact point between the team and the customer. The manager usually answers all the questions about the project, presents the results that the team has achieved, and reports about the scope of work for upcoming weeks or sprints.

What is your experience in working with startups, and what kind of support do you offer after the MVP launch?

Our team has worked with more than 1,500 customers, and many of them were startuppers. You can find out more about our experience in developing MVPs for startups in the Cases section.

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